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PACE Resiliency Program

The PACE Resiliency Program serves PACE Students who are on academic probation. If you are eligible for the program, you will receive an email inviting you to join. If you have questions about the program or your eligibility to participate, please contact PACE Advising at 512.245.PACE (7223) or email with your name and Texas State ID number.

Information about the Texas State Academic Probation Policy can be viewed online in the University Catalog.

PACE Resiliency Program Steps

  1. Complete the PACE Resiliency Pre-Advising Worksheet.
  2. Schedule an appointment by calling 512.245.PACE (7223) or visit the front desk in UAC 122.
  3. We highly recommend that PACE Resiliency students meet with a PACE Academic Coach.
  4. Attend your follow-up appointments as scheduled with your PACE Resiliency Advisor.

Special Opportunities

The PACE Resiliency Program provides these special opportunities:

  • Connect with a PACE academic advisor who has received specialized Resiliency training to better serve students on academic probation
  • Discuss your Fall 2016 academic performance and develop a plan to return to good academic standing accordingly
  • Learn about Texas State's academic probation policies and resources for success
  • Calculate the grades required to return to good academic standing
  • Enroll in US1100 PACE Resiliency Program designated sections (for those who need to repeat US1100) with a curriculum dedicated to assisting you in your academic recovery

Student Success Profiles

Coming Soon! Check out profiles of some successful PACE students.