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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaches help empower students to take an active and productive approach to their own learning. Similar to an athletic, musical, or financial coach, Academic Coaches are supportive and will push students to reach their academic potential. Academic Coaching is an intrusive method to help students become self-advocates for their education guided by a positive supporter.

Academic Coaches will help you with:

· Setting goals and strategies for Academic Success

· Note Taking Skills

· Study Skills

· Problem Solving Skills

· Test Taking Skills

· Financial Literacy

· Building academic self-confidence and self-motivation

Your Academic Coach will meet with you twice a month to set and evaluate goals and progress to create a successful first-year experience. Our Academic Coaches are Graduate Assistants who have a keen interest in helping you study smarter, not harder.

You may be assigned an Academic Coach or you may request one by filling out this form.  If you know a coach that you would like to work with already, click the "Meet the Coaches" button below, and request them by going through their profile.

Remember, college is an investment in yourself, let us work with you to help achieve success.