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Texas State University

Meet With Your Academic Advisor

Working with your academic advisor is one of the most important things you can do as a first-year student. Your PACE academic advisor can assist you with tasks like choosing a major, registering for classes, and connecting you with academic resources and opportunities. Academic advising is more than just classes and policies. Our goal is to help you find your place in Texas State University’s academic community.

Are You A Current PACE Advisee?

PACE Academic Advisors meet with most current PACE students. If you are unsure whether you are a current PACE student, visit the Current PACE Student webpage. For further assistance, contact PACE Academic Advising at 512.245.7223 or visit the front desk at the UAC lobby.

PACE Academic Advisor meeting with first-year student

Do you need assistance now?

Talk with an academic advisor that can answer quick questions and assist you with: changing your major, verifying holds, adding/dropping a course, and more.

Two Ways to Schedule An Appointment

Schedule by Phone

Schedule an advising appointment with your academic advisor by calling 512.245.7223

Schedule In-Person

Schedule an advising appointment with your academic advisor in person by visiting the UAC front desk