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Texas State University


Informational Interviews

A student conducting an informational interview

Informational interviews enable you to learn more about your career path and become acquainted with others working in those fields. Informational interviews are integrated into your University Seminar experience and can be used throughout your career.

A student participating in job shadowing

Job shadowing is a half or full day of observing someone working in your chosen career field, allowing you to experience their daily work routine and the nature of the job. These are opportunities to network in your chosen career area, as well as a chance to familiarize yourself with a workplace's adjacent roles.

Student interns

Internships are a critical step for success, confirming whether or not you want to pursue a chosen career path. They are frequently included in the undergraduate academic curriculum, often reserved for upperclassmen.

Student volunteers

Volunteering provides substantial experience that will add to your résumé for graduate school. It also introduces you to other individuals in your career field of interest. 

Visit the Student Volunteer Connection for volunteer opportunities.