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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Peer Mentors are student workers hired by the PACE MAC program to provide one-on-one, group mentoring support. Aside from being in select US1100 classes, they also hold office hours and are available to any freshman student. The PACE MAC Mentors serve freshman students in the PACE Center while the Texas State Student Affairs mentoring program focus its initiatives on sophomore, junior, and senior students who are looking for a mentor.

  • It is totally up to you and your mentor or mentee. You can contact them via email, text message, facebook, face-to-face. Whatever way is best for the both of you will work. We do suggest making contact at least once a week.

  • It can be anything small like “Where is the best place to eat?” to “I am failing a class and need help?” If a Peer Mentor is not able to assist you with your question they can refer you to an Academic Coach or the appropriate office to get assistance.

  • Peer Mentors are undergraduate students who are placed in select US1100 classes and are able to answer questions you normally wouldn’t find other than word of mouth. An Academic Coach is a Graduate Assistant and takes on more of an intrusive approach to your academics. You could have both a Peer Mentor and an Academic Coach. They both are here to help you succeed in college.

  • Each Academic Coaching Session will vary, but you will want to be open about your academic history, study practices, and weekly schedule. During your first visit, you will discuss what goals you want to accomplish and set up strategies to help reach them. After your first session your Academic Coach, you will meet at least twice a month to discuss progress and make adjustments if needed.

  • Absolutely! If you and your Mentor have made a connection, that’s great! We would love for you to continue to work together!