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Peer Mentoring

We're Here for You

To support Texas State University's social distancing measures, PACE Peer Mentoring offer remote and online services. Contact your peer mentor to determine which option is best for you.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are upperclassman who are placed in US1100 classes to provide in and out of classroom support to help students academically and socially integrate to Texas State.  The diverse Peer Mentors demonstrate academic integrity, responsible decision-making, and help students get connected to co-curricular activities. They hold office hours each week, and plan out of classroom activities. Students can make an appointment by contacting University College or by contacting Peer Mentor’s directly through email.  Peer Mentors are committed to a student’s success during their first year. Refer to “Meet your Peer Mentors” for contact and profile information.

Peer Mentors can help if you:

· Are having trouble finding resources on campus
· Need someone to talk to about academics
· Having trouble adjusting to college life
· Looking for assistance in finding student organizations to join
· Want help with Focus 2
· And much more...

Mentee Responsibility

Mentees bring a wealth of experiences and opportunities of growth to the relationship. As a mentee, begin exploring your areas of improvement, academic and social goals, long-term career goals, and ways a mentor can enhance your college experience. As you meet regularly with your Peer Mentor, plan to come prepared to your meetings and be ready in discussing opportunities and challenges. The mutual relationship is based on your commitment to succeed in college. You're in the driver seat, let us guide you on a path to success! 

How can I request a PACE Peer Mentor?

Students are able to request a Peer Mentor by clicking here and filling out the questionnaire. Students will then be matched to a Peer Mentor with similar interests and/or career focus and emailed with contact information to meet their Mentor.

The Mentoring experience is a mutually beneficial relationship providing support and opportunities for networking and growth in a student’s area of interest. Peer Mentors also assist in connecting students to campus and community resources and services. Mentors are dedicated to your success and integration into the Texas State community. Click here to meet the team!

How can I become a Peer Mentor?